Rural electrification in the Department of Nariño

Rural Electrification In The Department Of Nariño

We have exported the Renovo model abroad, where we have created biodistricts based on virtuous circular value chains: from the community, for the community. A first example is in the Department of Nariño.
Here Renovo is working with the University of Nariño to implement the rural electrification plan for the Municipality of Olaya-Herrera, based on the production of renewable energy from forestry waste deriving from local sawmills.
Olaya-Herrera is a municipality composed of approximately 60 villages, currently without power, and each year approximately 100,000 tons of wood waste are dumped in the rivers or burned in the open air due to the lack of technologies for their reuse.
Renovo’s project, in keeping with the company’s vision, is based on the recovery and use of local waste resources for the generation of electrical power through the installation of approximately 30 biomass-fuelled micro gasifiers, for a total of 3.5 MW installed and the supply of power to approximately 11,000 inhabitants.

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