The Biodistrics

Our projects aim to establish biodistricts, i.e. to create hubs that systematically exploit unused local resources by integrating the generation of electrical power and heat with the production of bioproducts and new green applications of secondary raw materials.

The Assets

Biodistricts are based on the availability of local natural resources, excluding those intended for the food sector, and on the possibility of making use of those resources through cutting-edge technologies, designed for mutual synergy, in view of circular use of materials and the process typical of the circular economy. Biodistricts are based on an open model in which new materials and technologies can be included in their design.

The Local Community

Each of our projects is based on a thorough study of the local area’s character, resources and economy, but above all on listening to and securing the participation of the local community – government, associations, businesses and citizens – because this is the only way that biodistricts can achieve their primary goal: generating innovation, employment and sustainable development

The map of our biodistricts

In our activity in Italy we have developed deep expertise in the renewable energy sector applied directly to local areas and how renewable energy can contribute to development of the sector and community. We realised that this know-how, based on the concept of a biodistrict as an aggregator of skills in a variety of sectors, represents a truly virtuous sustainable business model that can be exported throughout the world, and above all to places that require an influx of technological, energy and financial expertises in order to boost local economic development.