Creating Value

For us, “creating value” means systematically utilising the potential and assets offered by each community, its natural resources, economic activity and social networks: precious factors that are not always used or not always linked to one another, and that we, both in Italy and abroad, have learned to recover and/or combine thanks to our entrepreneurial and technological expertise. We are convinced that communities hold within them the strength to power their own development, and we have always founded our efforts to implement a sustainable economic model, according to the concept of the circular economy, on the resources offered by local communities.

By focusing on the agro-forestry and agro-industry sector, we strive to ensure that by-products and scraps are not waste material to be disposed of, but rather reacquire value in the form of new renewable energy and/or innovative bio-based industrial products.



By basing our approach on an integrated production chain and circular production processes, we develop projects that are integrated with activities already existing in the local community, and thus create synergies that give rise to new opportunities for profit, economic value, business, and protection and development of the environment and social fabric.


In our work, we always consider the community as our closest partner and collaborator. As a result, when possible, we form partnerships with local non-profit cooperatives in order to encourage participation in the workforce by those from the weakest and most marginal groups of the population and to generate positive value for society.

Efficiency and Environment

We are an industrial company that promotes the issues of energy efficiency, resource efficiency, recovery and recycling, and greenhouse gas reduction, because having a minimal environmental impact is possible and is the only way forward.

This model yields a number of benefits for our home communities and fosters sustainable local development: employment, reduced waste, improved environmental performance and social inclusion.