About Us


We act as an aggregator of skills and technological, industrial and financial resources in service of a model of sustainable development based on integration of local generation of sustainable energy and innovative production initiatives.

Founded in Mantua, Italy, in 2007, we develop and manage projects aimed at exploiting natural resources and local working environments through the production of renewable source energy and bio-based products.
In 2009 we created Renovo Bioenergy, which brings together our expertise in the bioenergy sector, and launched a project on a national scale aimed at developing communities by generating energy through the use of forestry and farm waste.

We then decided to expand our focus by developing biodistricts where we synergistically integrate renewable source power generation with industrial production processes offering high environmental sustainability: the processing and transformation of wood into high value added products and the extraction of secondary chemical compounds from agro-industrial vegetal waste.
In local communities we act as an aggregator of skills and technological, industrial and financial resources, put to work in favour of a developmental, economic and social model that starts with the local community and its natural assets, which it utilises systematically to create economic, business, environmental and social value.
After becoming established in Italy, this model has also been recognised and appreciated abroad, where we implement and manage energy and industrial development initiatives in developing nations.
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