Focus emissions

One of the main questions regarding biomass-powered thermoelectric plants relates to emissions.

The exploitation of Italian woodlands. What is the state of the Industry?

From 1990 to 2010, Italian wooded areas increased by nearly 20%, compared to the 5% increase measured over the same period in the entire European Union

What is the value of active woodland management?

Woods and forests, which in Italy represent the most extensive terrestrial ecosystem (34% of national territory), by virtue of their “multi-functional” nature represent concentrated examples of ecosystem services, as defined in the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (MEA, 2005), to which international, European and national policies are dedicating increasing attention.

The generation of energy using biomass is a carbon neutral process. Why is thet?

The use of biomass for energy purposes is one of the strategies promoted by many countries to reduce atmospheric greenhouse gas emissions. 
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