Renovo invited to Brussels by European Economic and Social Committee


Renovo invited to Brussels by European Economic and Social Committee

An audition on Waste-to-Energy topic was held today in Brussels, organized by the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), a consultative body of the EU having the task of formulating opinions addressed to The Commission, the European Parliament and the Council. The audition is part of an ongoing opinion on the recent communication from the European Commission on “Waste-to-energy under the circular economy”.

Renovo has been invited in order to present its “Biorefinery model”, the industrial solution that allows to produce bio-methane, fertilizers and CO2, starting from waste, specifically organic fraction of urban solid waste.
“Our industrial plan envisages the construction by 2020 of ten Biorefineries that exploit the Municipalities’ organic waste and companies’ agro-industrial by-products” President Stefano Arvati announced in Brussels. “Through this model we are able to obtain from waste both bio-methane for the automotive sector and bio-products, like a high quality fertilizer and CO2 for sanitary and food industry. For this reason it has been recognized, also at Community level, as a “waste-to-energy” virtuous model”.

“The best strategy we identified for our projects is the definition of Public-Private Partnerships con public entities that currently manage organic waste disposal. Project Finance tool allows us to realize investments that will benefit the entire community: in each of our projects we will agree a reduction of waste conferment tariff with public entities”.
Renovo invited to Brussels by European Economic and Social Committee
In the picture (from left)
_ Antonello Pezzini, EESC Member, Co-rapporteur of the EESC on the Waste-to-Energy communication (first)
_ Stefano Arvati – President Renovo Spa (fourth)
_ Mário Soares – EESC Member, Chair of the EESC study group dedicated to the Waste-to-Energy communication (sixth)
_ Cillian Lohan – EESC Member, Rapporteur of the EESC on the Waste-to-Energy communication (last one)

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